Have a look (skim) through several IFAD evaluation reports, look at the Menarid summaries, and see which ones have information in them what can be repackaged as these summaries…. I expect that some reports will be blah-blah and have nothing useful….others will have some pearls in them that we can extract and promote, as similar ‘how-to’ sheets for countries to use for their agricultural development….these can be technologies (seeds, new varieties), practices, (farming approaches to irrigation, land management changes in cropping patterns, etc.), or policies (more vague, but could be examples of how to better organize things….financing, national planning and strategies…).
If you can scan a few of these reports and imply not if of not they have useful info, and highlight what it is in a couple bullets.
Then we can look at them together and see how to go forward.
I’m sure you can do that, as you have always been interested and inquisitive about my activities and ¬†world matters in general. Whether you can then easily digest this into a one-page policy synthesis is another question – or if you are interested in doing that. But this is really learning a format and giving it a try….getting better as you do more.
The scoping phase can simply be:  the title of the report and comments such as:
“process is described for improving agricultural yields by introducing drought tolerant wheat that gets 6 tone per HA instead of the current 2 in this region”
“…report gives a useful description of how to set up a village-level charcoal production unit for household level fuel and income.”
“….a grey water recycling unit was developed,and the process explained.”
The key question in scanning the docs is to se if there are activities, technologies practices described here that have bee tested and that we can then promote for much wider use.
Is that clearer. I understand that you are looking for something interesting to do, so this might fit the bill.
I am in Amman getting interest for the idea. and there is am lot of interest. Billions have been spend and no one knows where the information is, what happened and what is useful. I expect several agencies will want to pay for the service if we can show a convincing product….website with 2-300 synthesis products, promoted back to the agencies that did the work, and countries worldwide.
So if you want to give it a whirl, that would be great. We can discuss further, as you like. As we go forward I will need some competent hands to help, and I’m sure funds will be forthcoming….I have written one proposal and will prepare another next week.
I hope the move is not too taxing…..let me know when you want to speak.